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COVID-19 and Pets

Lately, there has been a lot of information thrown our way regarding the Coronavirus and pets. There is still so much that we do not know about this virus in regards to our fur babies. I know that this is a scary time.  What we do know is that yes, our pets can get Covid-19 from us. But, this is not the norm, it is still extremely rare. The pets infected can show respiratory signs or even no signs at all. The animals that have tested positive were all exposed to a person with the virus. With that being said there are ways that we can protect our pets from getting the virus.  It is imperative that if you have Covid-19 to have a healthy family member, friend, petsitter, or boarding facility care for your pet while you are recovering to prevent exposure to your fur baby. If you have to care for your pet while you are sick, please try your best to limit your contact with your pet to decrease their exposure. Also, washing your hands prior and after handling them and wearing a mask while caring for them will also decrease transmission.   The good news is that there is still no evidence to suggest that pets infected with Covid-19 can spread the virus to people.  The AVMA website is a very good source for accurate, up to date information on Covid-19. The link below will take you to FAQs for Pet Owners. 

I hope this helps to calm your fears and concerns.


Dr. Cupples and Dr. Pirela

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Please check AVMA for regular updates from a reliable source.

COVID-19 Update

Hospital Protocol Change

Hey Everyone,

We have changed our hospital protocol to help protect from the spread of the Corona Virus.  We are open normal hours as of now. Please call to schedule or to ask questions.

*** Veterinary Hospitals are essential businesses and will continue to operate during the "Stay Safe at Home" order from the county***

***We are happy to announce that the AVMA and the WHO have said that pets cannot contract the virus. There is a lot of fake information floating around. Please call us at (281)843-9069 for updated information or any questions. Please call and ask because there is so much confusing information out there during this time***

Hospital Protocol

1.) We will stop having owners come into our hospital. We will come out to your car and bring your pet(s) inside. Please put dogs on a leash and cats in a carrier. 

2.) We will screen phone calls for sickness, family sickness, and recent travel. If you any of these apply to you, do not fear, we just have to come up with an alternative action plan to provide car and keep everyone safe. When here for appointments, the doctor will call you from inside the hospital to go over the exam results. Only under extenuating circumstances will anyone be allowed inside the hospital. 

3.) We will do the best that we can to see and help as many pets and people as we can during this time. Please be patient with us as we further develop this system. 

4.) For the foreseeable future, we will suspend walk-in appointments. Please call ahead to get the appointment same day. We have a lengthy process of phone screening and we are doing everything that we canto get as much information as we can beforehand to speed up the process while you are here. 

5.) Take advantage of free home delivery of medications. This is a small thank you from us for continuing to buy meds from us directly. We will deliver same day if ordered before noon (if within ten miles of clinic). If not, we will try to get them to you the next day. 

6.) We will continue to thoroughly steam clean and sanitize our hospital. 

7.) No employee of ours will come to work sick. We offer paid leave to help take care of our people and keep them home if they are sick.

8.) Everything that we are doing is curbside. Donations for the animal shelter, donations for the Blessing Box, med pickups, appointments, etc. We offer everything that we did before except it is all adjusted for curbside to help minimize human interaction during this time.

9.) We want to let everyone know that through phone screening, minimal human interaction, no foot traffic in our hospital, steam cleaned hospital, and sick employees staying home, we will provide the safest environment to keep all parties involved as safe as possible so we can keep providing the best care for your furry loved ones during this time.

10.) If you know our staff, especially Dr. Cupples, then you know how difficult this is for us. We love interacting with y'all and we will get back to our old style of care soon. Now we just have to take care of yall from afar. Thank you for the patience and understanding as we do our best to do our part and keep providing the best care for your loved ones,

Dr. Cupples and Dr. Pirela are doing their part to provide the best care in the safest way possible.

ABVH will continue increasing quality of life for your furry loved ones in the safest way possible.

Questions or Concerns

Give us a call during business hours or email us 24/7. Please ask questions and we will update this page as we continue to receive updates during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Give us a call to set up an appointment or to ask questions

We love our patients and we love helping as many people as we can.

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