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Dr. Cupples and staff provide exceptional veterinary care for the fur babies of Pearland. She has been a veterinarian here for over seven years. She has started her own veterinary hospital and established a very talented support staff around her. Meet the staff by clicking the button below.

Our Hospital

Dr. Cupples and her hospital, Above & Beyond.

Above & Beyond Veterinary Hospital is a brand new practice in the Pearland area. We are located in front of the Shadow Creek Ranch Subdivision adjacent to the Pearland Town Center, Missouri City and Manvel. We opened our doors on April 29, 2019. Learn about our state-of-the-art equipment and everything that our hospital has to offer. Schedule an appointment to see our veterinarian, Dr. Cupples, today!

Our Family

Dr. Cupples and Mo with our first ever appointments, Felix and Oscar Eisen

We absolutely love what we do and we love who we get to take care of. Our clients and their pets mean so much to us that we put together a photo collage of all of them. Please email us pics of your fur babies and we will put them on our page. Bring a framed picture with you when you have your veterinary appointment with our veterinarian, Dr. Cupples. We will hang them in our office. Click the button below to meet our family.


Dr. Cupples and Mo performing surgery.

Our veterinary hospital offers a comprehensive range of services for your pet, using state-of-the-art equipment and a highly trained staff.  Our veterinary services range all the way from nail trims to complex surgeries. Schedule an appointment to see our veterinarian. Dr. Cupples has been a veterinarian in Pearland for over 7 years.

Ask the Doctor

Dr.Cupples after our first day on 4/29/19.

Dr. Cupples' blog is an extensive compilation of expert veterinarian advice on a variety of veterinary topics that we add to regularly. Information from a reliable source is vital in order to help provide you with helpful information to provide the best life for your pets. 

Calendar/Upcoming Events

Dr. Cupples, Mo, and Jessi out for our monthly walk with Ryan and Jordan.

Click here to see upcoming events and promotions. Our veterinarian, Dr. Cupples and her veterinary staff host a month walk/jog with your pets. Click the button below for more updates and upcoming events/promotions that our hospital has to offer in Pearland just north of Manvel and east of Missouri City .

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