Our Veterinary Hospital


Above and Beyond is a brand new hospital and is ran by a doctor who has been a part of the Pearland community for the over the past seven years. Pearland has been very good to Dr. Cupples and we wanted to start a business here in order to give back to the community. As Pearland continues to grow, we promise to not only be a leader in pet care, but in the community as well. We offer not only state-of-the art equipment, but also the best customer service experience you will find (in any industry). Not only is our staff knowledgeable, but also exceptionally friendly. From the moment that you call up here and then the moment that you set foot in the door, you will know that you are going to not only be treated by a wonderful veterinarian, but also provided thorough care for your furry loved ones. 

At Above & Beyond Veterinary Hospital  in Pearland, we believe in providing the best care for your pets. This is not just something that we say, but something that we proudly strive for. Dr. Cupples hired an amazing team that she fully trusts to help her deliver her standard of veterinary medicine.  In order to provide this standard of veterinary medicine, we know that it cannot only be done by trips to the veterinarian, but rather a comprehensive team effort between us at the veterinary clinic and you at home. We will work together with you in order to make sure that your loved one is provided the best care. Raising a pet is hard and we want to help in any way that we can. It is scary to raise a pet, they are like furry kids, and we promise to make it easier for you. We have blogs written by our staff, we have handouts for you to take home, and we do everything else in our power to help you along the way.  At Above & Beyond, your pet's health will always come first.

Either give us a call to schedule an appointment or walk in and visit! We are located across FM 518 from the Pearland Town Center. We are just north of Manvel and just east of Missouri City.

Our ribbon cutting for the Pearland Chamber of Commerce!

Our ribbon cutting for the Pearland Chamber of Commerce!

About Us

Dr. Cupples' has always dreamed of owning her veterinary hospital . ABVH is her chance to give back.

What To Expect


Our veterinarian, Dr. Cupples, and her veterinary staff know that most families love their cats and dogs as much as they love their children, and want their animals to receive only the best veterinary care. It is our promise to Pearland and the surrounding areas, that we will provide the best care for your furry family members. Not only are we knowledgeable, but we are passionate in going the extra mile for your pets by providing the best care possible. That is our promise to you. Come visit our veterinary hospital today.

Oakley is one of Dr. Cupples' favorites

Pet Experience

When you schedule an appointment with our veterinarian, Dr. Cupples, you will see that we aim for not only a non-stressful visit, but a caring one as well. We believe in the importance of knowing your fur-babies by name and providing a comfortable atmosphere at our veterinary hospital. We pride ourselves in instantaneously getting you and your furry loved one into an exam room. While in your exam room, our knowledgeable technicians will prepare your pet for Dr. Cupples and bestow tasty treats for your furry loved one as they wait for the doctor. We provide answers and knowledge to any questions you may have while your fur-baby is being treated by one of the best doctors in Pearland.

Dr. Cupples and Mo with Oscar and Felix

Owner Experience

It is our goal to have your visit to our veterinary hospital be a positive experience for you and your pets. Our veterinarian, Dr. Cupples, and staff provide warm heartfelt care and treats to help your fur-babies be at ease. You will experience a relaxed environment for all. We offer a play area for kids, a refreshment cart, and free WiFi for your enjoyment while your pet is being lovingly cared for. We aim to make your visit the best experience possible for you and to treat your pet with respect and care, as if they were our own. Our promise to you is going above and beyond for your family. We are located in West Pearland adjacent to Manvel and Missouri City.